Final Project

Well, during this whole semester we have been working on groups on this Final Project. The aim of the final project was create a Marketing Campaign f to achieve a goal set by our clients. In our case, the client was the school and our goal was increase the visits to our website by 45% and the enrollment of students from out of the state of West Virginia. The school also told us that they had an old marketing campaign but it was just on the radio, so that they were trying to find a new way of attracting students. The problem came when told us that our budget to do this campaign was really low.

So there we were with a new project to face and a really small budget. The first thing we did was find our target audience with the help of Commspoint. However, we were really upset as we tried to reach teenager from 16 to 18 years old as our first audience but Commpoint did not let us. So we decided to target our audience in between 18-24 as are the ages of most of the students enrolled. With the information found on Comspoint we decided to advertised our client in three different ways in order to achieve our goals. The three ways are: through videos on youtube and other social medias, as our stats show us we can see that 70% of our target audience uses their device to watch at least an hour of videos every day. We were trying to create two videos one video of 15 seconds, and another one of 30 seconds that you could not skip. Secondly, we are trying to create a media for the School to be connected to the actual students, the future students and the alumni, we will also create competitions with the #Home in order to enroll more students from out of the state. And thirdly, by creating posters to send to High Schools from states near West Virginia, as our target was Juniors and Seniors at High Schools from out the state.

In order to measure our success with this campaign we will have to wait for next year admissions statistics in order to see if we reach that goal. We will also measure the clickthroughs of the videos with google analytics and to measure the website success we will create a questionnaire.


Are we exposed to advertisement daily?


“Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day” (Joshua Saxon). That is a statement from the article published in the American Marketing Association, when I first saw that I could not believe it as I was not expecting it. I could not realize that we were that exposed to marketing and advertisement, however since this moment I started paying more attention to this fact. After a few days I start realizing that we are really exposed to a lot of advertisement in our day a day. Nowadays, there is advertisements everywhere, films, TV, radio, magazines, social media, internet, newspapers, posters, etc. Everywhere where we look there is advertisement. I seriously never realize about this until I decided to study Marketing, so I can not really discuss about how much marketing and advertisement has grown in the last few years. But I can say that we are over exposed to advertising, and according to an article written by Laurie Sullivan a lot of ads can certainly hurt the reputation of a brand and that is something that advertisers should take off. Because if people starts feeling over exposed it can happen that they stop buying from that brand. However, advertising keeps increasing as this statement from the AdAge says “The World’s 100 Largest Advertisers increased ad spending 3.4 percent to $267 billion in 2016″ and it will keep increasing what can end on a complete disaster for the companies that are investing in those ads.

In order to calculate how exposed we were to advertising I left the TV on during the whole Saturday. While I was doing homework and staff, the TV was still on and after a few hours I start to realize that we are really over exposed. For example I remember there was a film and I was doing this summary for one of my classes, every time I was checking the TV the film was during advertisement breaks. Most of the time, there was longer times of ads than of film. But this was not just during this film, it kept happening during the whole day and I start realizing that brands are constantly exposing us to ads and marketing of their products. From Saturday the truth is that none of those ads really call my attention, any of those ads actually made me feel like I had the need of buying that product. For example, in my personal opinion I always enjoy watching Coca Cola advertisements as they always kind of achieve the goal of transmitting what that brand actually offers. I feel like I always need a coke when I watch one of their ads and it is because their ads always gives you that feeling, they kind of really sell you coca cola as the best drink, as the one that is going to make you happy just for drinking it. What is also good from Coke Ads? That they are on TV for short periods of time. They use an ad for like 2 months and then they do not create a new one until a couple of months, this way you always are kind of reminding your consumers about your product however, you are not over exposing them to unnecessary amounts of ads.




The Affect of NFL Ratings

As we have been reading these past few weeks, the NFL TV ratings have been suffering a decrease. During the first week the NFL rating fell a 13% compared to the 2016 TV ratings. Professionals, blame the Hurricane Irma for this down in the TV ratings, but actually, the Hurricane Irma was not the problem. During the second week, ratings feel again.

Some problems that this decreased in NFL rating may have in advertisement can be a decreased in sells. A decrease in NFL ratings, can affect the amount of products that a company can sell, as there advertisements are being watched by less people. As a consequence of this, the final profit of each company will decrease too. And a decrease in national and international companies, can also caused a decrease in future investments on TV advertisements. Because if they realize that their TV advertisements are not encouraging many consumers, they will prefer to use the money invested on those advertisements in more efficient ways of advertising their products.

As a conclusion, this decreased in TV ratings can affect a lot of things such as amount of consuming/sell products, final profit of each company and future investments. That is why it is important that those NFL ratings go up again, because if they come back to the past year ratings, TV will not loose money, and companies will keep investing their money on TV advertisements.

InnerAction Media Website

Last Monday September 11th, during class time we had the opportunity to meet Mike Arbogast. Mike, is the co-founder of InnerAction Media, a company related to marketing of bigger companies. During his speech, he gave us some tips about marketing. First, he explained what companies like InnerAction Media  work and which aspects are they looking in their workers. He said is it not really important how good your grades are, but the fact of what can you incorporate/bring to the company. What makes you different from other students that are looking for that same job? That was one of the things that call my more attention, because I am different from the rest, I left my country in order to study abroad, and I also learned a completely new language.

Then, we divided the class into two different groups and played a game. During this game, he gave to each of us an image and with out showing the image to the rest of the group we had to create a timeline with those images. This game taught us, to communicate with other people from our groups, to describe our ideas in a very clear way, and to work with a big group. This game, can be related to an actual job were you have to work with others, were you need to express your ideas, even though sometimes those ideas are not developed. In my opinion, this game was really useful as it gave us the chance to understand how difficult things can be while working with other workers, because we all have different mentalities and you could see that during this game, because each of us was describing their image in a different way, focusing on different thoughts.

After that, he kept talking about marketing and gave us some steps that we should follow in order to achieve new consumers and also to keep our consumers happy. First, in order to bring new consumers, you have to ask questions to this company (what are their goals for the year, what do they want you to do, how much money they earned in the past year, etc) all this questions are in order to understand what the company is looking for. Then you should talk about marketing strategies that they used in past years, and what they are looking to improve. In order to keep your companies, happy you have to always give feedback of what you have done, what you are about to do, also if they ask you a question that you do  not know, you should never lie about it. And of course if something did not work also communicate it, so as we can see communication is a big thing during all the phases of Marketing.


The Consumer Decision Journey

Now a days, consumers are one of the most important elements in the market because without consumers, there will not be a market. The part of the market related to engage more consumers, is called Marketing. Marketing, is also a important part of the market as is the area of the market used to convince the consumers to buy an specific product of the market.

“The decision-making process is now a circular journey with four phases: initial consideration; active evaluation, or the process of researching potential purchases; closure, when consumers buy brands; and postpurchase, when consumers experience them” McKinsey Quarterly

During the first phase of this process, the consumer consider more than one choice, an example of it can be buying shoes. First of all, you take a look to all the shoes, in the second phase you choose the ones you like the most, and take out the ones that you do not like as much. In the third step, you choose one and buy it, and the last step is probably one of the most important step, is where the consumer builds expectation of that brand or that shoe model based on experiences, in this particular case after wearing them, you can thing they were comfortable shoes, they last a long time, etc. If the expectations created are good, then you will probably keep buying that brand or that product.

I found quite interesting the process of how people based on experiences keeps buying from a brand, an example of this is apple. I like apple a lot, but in my opinion their products are not always the best products, plus they are also quite expensive but people keep buying apple products. Why? In my opinion, people keep buying apple not just for the product but also for the actual branding, having an apple product makes people feel better, and this is thanks to the marketing that this company uses. But the marketing used by apple is really good because they keep giving people what they look for, what I mean with this is that they base their marketing on what people is looking forward to have. They pay a lot of attention to consumers, in order to engage them to keep buying their products. And that is one of the roles that consumer have in media planning.

During the past few years, the consumer decision journey has probably being changing as our society has been changing and as a result of this change in society, there has been a change in the mentality of our consumers. Probably a few years ago, when the economy was not as good as it is right now, people was looking for the cheaper products, products that please their needs and that were cheap enough to be able save some money. Now a days, we live in a more Capitalist society. People do not just care about products that please their need but they also want the best products. They give much more importance to branding than a few years ago. And why is this? In my opinion, is not just related to the consumers mentality but also to the fact that marketing is much bigger now, advertising now a days is a big part of  the market. consumer purchase decision